Slenderman Gets a Game

You got your own game now

The famed internet monster Slenderman stars in his own indie game that goes by the appropriate name of Slender. The game has you collecting 8 notes while runing away from the famed internet monsterIf Slenderman fans are not excited enough then know that this game is for free. You can watch the game trailer which in turn has the download links to the game for your horror enjoyment in the link bellow.



About venusbull

Love videos games..duh but really into nature and love playing games that incorporate that in their games. Favorite developer is Suda 51, I love all his games that started from killer 7 forward.
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One Response to Slenderman Gets a Game

  1. Nick says:

    7 NOTES!!!! …then the camera automatically looked back by itself -.- this game’s rigged haha

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