Night-Time Listenings Returning To Facebook

Hey, remember that almost daily musical segment I did when I ended The Wired Fish on LiveJournal and moved to WordPress? Of course you don’t, which is why I’m bringing it back. However, there will be a few things changed to the format of those Night-Time listenings. for starters, there will probably be only one song per night. Not saying it’ll only be one song a night, but that the probable amount will be just one a night. Second, I really don’t have the energy to analyze every little thing on a song like I used to do back during those segments. My energy ran out pretty quickly then, so most listenings will be reduced to one or two sentences from me.

And finally, these listenings will be on Facebook. It all started on Facebook as status updates I did on my personal Facebook. Then I moved them over to TWF. And now, I’m bringing the segment back and to the format that started it. You can catch all all of the listenings on the official Facebook Page of The Wired Fish. And do remember to like the page as well to get all the updates on the articles and the music! I would like to warn you that there will be days missed. But We’ll try to do this as often as possible.

Nightly Listenings will be posted as status updates (hopefully) everyday between 10:00PM to 12:00 midnight EST.

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