The Wired Fish

The Wired Fish (TWF) is a blog dedicated to all things geek, otaku, and retro. We’ll talk about many things from games, to music, to old cartoons and anime, and then some. For now we’re just going with the flow. In the end, we hope to share our opinions with others and spark conversation and debates with our readers and, maybe the readers amongst themselves.

Our mission is to basically share opinions about topics that tend to pop up in our geek/otaku culture. It could be about videogames, anime, manga, shows, music… basically anything that we really feel needs to be said about anything that’s going on. Are we yet another blog? Maybe. But we are passionate about what we like, and we want to talk and share that.

So to our readers out there, be a pal, and spread the word. We have some sharing options down there that you can click on. They’ll be on every article you see. Share the articles, talk about them amongst your peers. We’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. The Wired Fish is a New York based site operating from three different counties.

Plug in the controller, put on the headphones, pop open the Pocky, turn on the TV, and scream into your headset. It’s GO TIME!!

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