Although I will occasionally put out a news article if I find the topic interesting (or, more likely, if it stokes my ire), these are my bread and butter: reviews, breakdowns, and look backs on everything from games to movies to entire TV shows. Dig in, have a laugh, and maybe learn something. – Hachi76

Kung-Fu Theater: From Shaw Brothers to Golden Harvest, all the way to some dude’s backyard, Hachi looks at the best (and not so best) of Kung Fu down the years, from the golden years of the early 70’s through the modern days.

Anime Theater: Plumbing the deepest depths of that most intriguing of art forms, Hachi gives an in-depth analysis of some shows you might have heard about, and others that are mere whispers in the dark. Some will be showered with praise. Others will be showered with something distinctly less hygienic. If you want to broaden your Anime horizons, then get to reading.

Gamer Review: There are a great many videogames out there, and some deserve to be played more than others. Sit for a spell as Hachi highlights the good, the bad, and the vomituous parts of some games that you probably own, others you might have seen on shelves, and still others that you’ve never even heard of.

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