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The MoMA Needs To Step-Up Their Game In uh… Games


To spoil an art exhibit about videogames, you will need: 

  • 1 Tbs apathy
  • 14 Videogames 
  • 14 Misleading gallery labels 
  • 13 Generic controllers, damaged

Take the fourteen videogames, and place them against a black backdrop of minimalist design. Condense titles that are too large for a quick play through, into videogame trailers and pair them with screenshots so visitors know why these games are important. Next, connect generic controllers to the computers running emulation software to negate any Continue reading

Last Minute Guild Wars 2 Screenshots!

Not wearing armor? Do you SEE these six-packs?

I’m sure your presence must lack purpose, to be here must have been a mistake. I mean, reading this article puts you smack dab in the middle of PaJamieez country. Did the sign not radiate with the light of a supernova, begging for warning’s acknowledgement? Turn back now, as the usual journalistic sovereignty you’ve grown accustomed to has been put away… temporarily. Left behind are fragments of sanity, and the boiled down essence of obsession. These are my Guild Wars 2 screenshots.

Viewer discretion is advised.

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New York Videogame Critics’ Circle: Inspiration, Drinks, and a Damned Good Time

On July 31st, Barcade Brooklyn housed an event for the New York Videogame Critics’ Circle hosted by Harold Goldberg, author of All Your Base Are Belong to Us and owner of Some of the industry’s most influential writers came out that evening to meet readers, play some classic arcade games, and sample the latest rotation of Barcade’s extensive brew selection. The most memorable moment of the night aside from trading awkward glances with Giantbomb‘s Alex Navarro, was probably piggy backing on a drink order with Michael McWhertor while trying to keep my fan boy from showing. Continue reading

Google Fiber: Doing So Much Good, It’s Practically Evil.

Is it me, or is Google quickly becoming a caricature of those large mega corporations we see in old school cyber punk movies? Those hands just keep dipping into ALL the honey pots! Though, I find it hard not to like them; Google takes their “don’t be evil” motto seriously by using open source software, offering free programs and services, and contributing to dozens of charitable causes. I’d characterize their efforts as downright noble if it weren’t for the fact that they need to turn a profit to satisfy stock market investors every quarter. It seems like Google has taken another leap into that grey territory of philanthropy and profit with Google Fiber. What is Google Fiber? Well, it’s not the next health bar, but it’ll probably send your local internet provider into a panicked frenzy.

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The Future of a Genre: Guild Wars 2 Beta Impressions

It was a love that could never beThe final beta weekend event that took place on July 20th through July 22nd, gave pre-order customers and a few lucky beta key holders, access to a near-release build of the upcoming ArenaNet MMORPG, Guild Wars 2. Players were able to adjust those facial sliders and back story options one last time before the final release on August 28th. As a pre-order customer, I decided to give the game a shot for an opportunity to do a write up for the readers who can’t seem to find impressions on this new breed of online role playing game.

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