The Captains

Steven “DeadPhoenX” T.

Ahoy Fellow Fishes! My Name is Steven, founder of The Wired Fish (TWF). The idea of TWF came up as simply a newspaper idea for a class I had in Fall 2009. It then became a blog for a class in Spring 2010. After that, it became a full-on blog, exiting its “beta-stage” when the class ended. I’ve gone on to expand the blog to not only talk about games, but anything related to geek and Otaku culture. I am a college graduate with a degree in Journalism. In the end, I hope to join a major videogame blog (or make this one major) and express my ideas and views on videogame related topics and issues surrounding it.

James “Suikoinfinity” C.

Howdy!  I go by a great many different names because I can’t find one that I feel like sticking with, but in the end, I’m just James!  I like to keep my attitude neutral, but nothing excites me more than a good argument, so you’ll probably see me coming into debates from many different angles for the sake of understanding and fun.  My credentials at the moment are a minor in Japanese and an almost complete Psychology and Music double-major.  I’ve dabbled in programming until one fateful java class shut down anything I might have enjoyed.  My three loves are video games and music, and writing in large quantities and a melding of the three is my ultimate goal.

Oh, and I’m working on videos and live game streaming sessions that I intend to both supplement some of my blogs and cover different ground, so be sure to check them out!

Anthony “Prota” D.

(Short bio coming soon)

Dave “Hachi76” S.

Well, I’m a leo. I like long walks on the beach and severely damaging people’s faith in a caring, just God. But for the purposes of this website, I am just a nerd for all seasons. I love video games, anime, and am fast developing an unhealthy obsession with Kung Fu movies. I am very proud of my hobbies, though, and will gladly babble on about them to anyone who will listen.

Bryan “Daikuma” R.

Lewis “lslick” A.

Travis “DeusExNull” M.

I’m a misanthrope who values self-improvement above all else. I can be pretty blunt, sarcastic, and cynical but very passionate and emotional as well. Must be a Scorpio thing… People who inspire me are Patrick Bateman, Robert Downey Jr., Johnny Depp, and Kurt Cobain. A metrosexual serial killer, a sarcastic yet charismatic actor, Jack Sparrow, and a dead 90s rocker. Says a lot about me, right? I joined the Wired Fish as a way of doing something constructive for the gaming community. My favorite genres are survival horror and first/third person shooters. These titles will be my primary focus but I will also do anime, manga, and music reviews if I feel like it.

Jikelmis “venusbull” P.

Love videos games.. duh. But I’m really into nature and love playing games that incorporate that in their games. Favorite developer is Suda 51, I love all his games that started from Killer 7 forward.

Jon “xhipsterpanda” L.

(short bio coming soon)

Phillip “PaJamieez” B.

(short bio coming soon)

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