*All season episodes are in chronological order (instead of the usual reverse). Any episodes with a “Part 1” have all subsequent parts in the same article page.

Season 4           

Title Card S4E1 Title Card S4E2 Title Card S4E3 Title Card S4E4 Title Card S4E5P1 S4E6 Title Card S4E7 Title Card S4E8 Title Card
S4E9 Title Card S4E10 Title Card

Season 3____

Season 2____

Season 1____

Filming for Season 4 has begun. They are recroded (at best) weekly and posted the following week. Any images, music, and video footage is the © of their respectful owners. Trailers may be obtained from other sites. No infringement is intended. Color bars from first season inspired by Bit.Trip Series, ©Gaijin Games/Aksys Games. If there are any issues that need to be addressed, we can be contacted to resolve the issue. No need to get all Phoenix Wright on us.

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