Disclaimer And Ethics Policy

We at The Wired Fish Network are a small kind of people and this is very much a side-thing for us. Everything done here is pretty much on a volunteer basis.


Any posts made here are of the opinion of the individual Authors and not the entirety of The Wired Fish Network. So if you have a problem with any views expressed, do not assume we all think similarly and accuse all of use of taking certain sides. Contact the author, not the entire team. Likewise, said opinions are not reflective of the respective entities that the authors might work for besides The Wired Fish Network.

Links to Copyrighted Material

Also, we don’t endorse piracy. You won’t be finding any links here to illegally download games, songs, movies, etc. We only promote via web-streams (like YouTube, Hulu, DailyMotion, Twitch, etc.). For shows (like cartoons, anime, live-action, etc.), only previews, clips, or first episodes will be linked to. For games, there will be no links to download the ISOs, ROMs, and things of that nature. For music, YouTube streams and our own embedded player (for specific purposes) will be used. Any download links you find on these sites are out of our control, and it will fall on you, not us, if Mappy comes knockin’ at your door.

Also, we tend to notice videos getting taken down from Youtube for older entries. Unfortunately, these videos are hosted by other users and not us, so they might disappear without warning. Sorry for that. If they happen to disappear and and would like to see them restored, contact steven@thewiredfishnetwork.com so that it can be fixed.

And finally, no copyright infringement is intended if something like that happens. While we don’t expect that to happen, the law of copyright can pop up in the strangest of ways, most of which may be confusing. We are not experts on copyright, but we do know if something is ours or not. If anyone has a problem with something we posted, don’t get all lawyer-y on us and sue the crap out of us. We will gladly talk about the problem and correct it. We are kind people and will listen to everything you have to say (°v°)

Ethics Policy

1) Regarding Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, much of them seem to function similarly to normally buying a game. With that in mind, authors of The Wired Fish may donate enough to receive just the game or what would normally qualify for a special edition (like artbooks and soundtrack CDs), but no more than that. If they choose to donate and talk about such games in an article, they must disclose their donation at the end of the article.

2) With the way Patreons are set up, i.e. pledged money being pulled from time to time, they tread too close to funding more than just projects and run too close to funding the livelihood of the individuals involved. With that in mind, authors are banned from pledging money to Patreons.

3) If a developer or publisher gives us a review code/copy for us to review, it will be disclosed by the end of the article.

4) The Editor-in-Chief, Steven T., does artwork on the side and may sometimes draw fanart. In the event that he writes an article on something he’s drawn fanart of, he will disclose that by the end of the article.

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