NightTime Listening – A Cruel Twist

A Cruel Twist – Bullet Through the Telephone

Here’s a band that I had the pleasure of working with last Friday. For those that don’t know, I’m currently interning at BronxNet, taking on various positions on the Open show. For a while, I was the Floor Manager. Things can be pretty hectic as floor manager, and last Friday was no exception. To put it simply, these guys were awesome, and a welcome change of pace for the Open show to add a rock band to the mix for music (we usually get hip-hop artists). And so for tonight, we’ll be detailing New York rock band, A Cruel Twist. Hit the jump for awesomeness!

A Cruel Twist – Selling Out to a Stereotype

A Cruel Twist formed from two bands from the Bronx (represent!). Their music is pretty awesome. They certainly gave me and my cam guys a some work to hear the commands in the control. They didn’t have their singer in the studio unfortunately. This song here, Selling Out to a Stereotype is fast paced and and really kickin’. And awesome drumwork by Mazzola.

A Cruel Twist – On the News

For On the News, we immediately hear the awesome drums. Not much to say, other than that they are awesome! There’s more music from them on their MySpace page. It’s a bit clearer there, so you can get a better idea of their sound. One things for sure, many of us would like to see A Cruel Twist come back to the Open show on BronxNet some time.

Check out their MySpace, FaceBook, and YouTube pages. Also check out their feature on the Open show.

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