Angry Birds is the most downloaded game on PSN

This is the face of evil.

According to Colin Sebastian, an analyst for Lazard Capital Markets, Angry Birds is the the most downloaded game on PSN. Let’s reflect on that for a second…think of your favorite PSN/PSOne game. Angry Birds has outsold it, and in only three months at that.

Update: The analyst made an incorrect claim, his statement is clarified here.

There are plenty of reasons that could explain why Angry Birds, which arrived on PSN in January, has been purchased so much in such a short amount of time. The low price of $3.99 in a digital service where the common price points are usually $9.99 and $14.99 definitely didn’t hurt. Add in the hype that’s been spreading like wildfire, along with a recent sale bringing the game down to half the price, and it’s not surprising that the game has sold plenty. But Angry Birds becoming best selling game on PSN, especially with all the quality PSN and PSOne titles out there, really irks me.

This isn’t to say that Angry Birds is a bad game. While it’s not a game that I’m extremely fond of, I do recognize what it has managed to accomplish and can see why so many people like it. However, the developer’s recent egotistical views and comments have made it very hard to respect them. I understand that Rovio made a hugely successful game, but that’s still only one big success. The studio definitely needs to stop letting it go to their heads.

Via: Destructoid, IndustryGamer

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