Here’s some Catherine Screenshots For Ya

Catherine’s got some new screenshots up for the US version of the game. While we’re at it, I’ll be posting some older screenshots as well. From the details so far regarding this game, Vincent (the guy with the afro) has a girlfriend, Katherine, that wants to get married. He thinks about it, but he never gives a straight answer, and it’s annoying her. Another girl, Catherine, comes into the picture, and all of a sudden Vincent is freaking out. Not only does he seem to have the hots for this new, younger girl, he’s also been getting nightmares ever since he met her.

As erotic as the game may look, it’s tackles some serious issues regarding love and marriage. Considering the divorce rate in the US, this could be quite a game to play. And a good topic to tackle too since marriage is something that is either great (from a woman’s perspective) or hell (from a man’s perspective). Anyways I’m rambling on. Hit the jump for the screenshots.

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