A Few Catherine Cutscenes… In English!

I wish I could go ahead and post these suckers as embeds, but GameSpot’s crazy ass coding ain’t cooperating here. So I’ll just link you guys to them. Be cautious though, as some of these might be spoilerish, especially the first one. But this is pretty early in the game so it ain’t that much of a spoiler. Also, that first link is NSFW

Making a Mistake

Can’t Chain Him Down

Cheating Discussion

So far so good. The voice acting seems pretty good. It’s a bit rough, and kinda jarring to hear Akihiko’s voice as someone else, but it’s all good. Also, I’m certain the syncing will be worked on afterwards (as most Japanese games getting English voices get the sync work done when the acting is finished). As a reminder, Catherine is getting released in the US on July 26th for both the PS3 and 360.

4 thoughts on “A Few Catherine Cutscenes… In English!

  1. Prota

    I haven’t looked at the videos (don’t want to spoil myself), but I’m surprised you feel that way about hearing Liam O’Brien voice someone other than Akihiko. He’s been in so many games and anime that I’d be surprised if you didn’t hear him elsewhere beforehand. But yeah, Liam O’Brien rocks, glad to hear his voice is in the game.

    1. Steven "DeadPhoenX" T. Post author

      I usually don’t pay attention to particular voices. But for some reason, I’m guessing because of how great the voice acting was in P3, I can remember how all the voices in P3 sounded like. So it’s kinda weird. It’s like when I heard Ash Ketchum’s voice that kid in that one episode of Yu-Gi-Oh.

      1. Prota

        Have you played Valkyrie Profile? That was the first time I had heard Veronica Taylor after hearing her voice Ash. She voiced a kid there in the same exact voice she used for Ash, so I was freaking out because of how weird it felt.

        Actually, Valkyrie Profile had a ton of voice talent from the original Pokemon series.

      2. Hachi76

        Yeah, well, for me it’s kind of startling to hear her voicing Cosmos in “Dissidia”. Sometimes, when she is sounding a little more “strained”, I can just about hear Ash in there and boy is it unsettling…


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