5-Year-Old Boy Dead After Breaking TV with Wiimote

In another case of “What the hell man!?”, On June 17, a Bronx mother’s son was found dead. Reports say that the mother hit her boy after he broke the TV while playing the Wii (assuming, with the Wiimote). When police came over, they found the boy unresponsive and declared dead due to internal bleeding.

Now, in all honesty, I really didn’t want to post an article like this since these articles tend to pop up quite often on other gaming sites and the responses are always the same. But why then? What drives someone apeshit to the point of abuse when it comes to gaming stuff? Seeing as how it may have been the TV that broke (others are sying that the Wii itself broke), there’s a good change the kid wasn’t wearing the wrist strap. Assuming this was the case, and being that the kid was 5 years old, he probably didn’t know any better to wear the wrist-strap. In this case, the mom was supposed to be there to put the thing on her kid and tell him how important it is to put the damn thing on. If he disobeys, don’t let him play the game. Parenting 1-0-fucking-1 people.

And another thing. The other reason why I don’t really post articles like these is because merely posting this fans the flames of the “Gamers are bad” idea that most religious pundits and politicians love to use when they get bored and want an easy target to use as Moral Panic punching bags. It becomes unfair to us level-minded gamers when the action of one is assumed to be done by many. Not all of us are like this. When something breaks, either by us or someone else, we fix it, send it in for repairs, or just get a new one. Nothing to kill someone over. From the looks of it, she is not a gamer (or at least, not by our definition). While we can hope this won’t be used as another bullet-point for anti-game lobbyists, you know someone *coughFOXcough* is gonna spin this into something against the gaming community.

Source: Gothamist

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