The Wheel of Fate continues to turn: A BlazBlue CS2 Review

The wheel of fates are turning again and I am loving it. If you own Blaze Blue Continuum Shift and did not download the patch, stop reading the article, run to your PS3 or Xbox 360 and download it…..NOW! If you ignored my instructions, have the patch already, or just plain don’t care, you may or may not understand how epic this patch is. The patch was released around the middle of May and I have been playing the game since. I play it mostly on the PSP but the changes are the same for next gen systems. I love some things about the patch (Tager buffs FTW 🙂 !) and some things I don’t like (the return of Jin Kisaragi and his icy stare). But overall, this patch proves how amazing Aksys is as a company. Not only did they use Dustloop forums as a reference for changes, they actually did a lot of things people liked. For example, the nerfs to Bang Shishigami. All fans of CS2 pre-patched remember the walking nightmare Bang was. He had no bad matchups, amazing priority, super armor on one of his best moves, and is A FREAKIN NINJA. But with the application of this patch, he isn’t as difficult to fight. Below is a combo video, by Diamondtifa, showing his amazing abilities pre patch.

Furthermore Aksys went above and beyond and made room for a new DLC character. His name is Relius Clover and he looks really cool. In the video below people describe him as a mixture of Carl and any random character from Jo Jo’s Bizzare adventure. I can’t wait to get my hands on the character and try some sick MVC3 like combos.

This will come up in a discussion somewhere on the interwebs, so I might as well bring it up now. Capcom Vs Atlus, Fate of two DLCs. Now my stance on this is very complicated, so I will try to make this as simple as possible. I am for the Atlus/ Netherealm games method for issuing out DLC. The user chooses what they want to buy. This method may not be as profitable as Capcom’s, but it definitely allows more control in the user’s hands. For example, if I didn’t want Relius Clover (highly unlikely), I wouldn’t have to patch my game. In Capcom’s case, they package Street Fighter 4 : Arcade Edition and Ultimate MVC3 user’s have to by characters they do/ don’t like just for a rebalance of the game. Recently a youtube who goes by the name AngryJoeshow made a rant about this same subject. He only addresses Ultimate MVC3 but it is still worth the watch:

With the application of this patch, it is clear how Aksys got to where they are today. Constant interaction with the community of people who love the game, patches that actually make the game better, and kept promises of future content. I know this review is short, but there is nothing more I can say about Aksys without making you guys think I am on payroll. If you don’t have BlazBlue Continuum Shift, go buy it. If you haven’t downloaded the patch, download it already. I am proud of Atlus and you should be as well.

Daikumachan Out!

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