Night-Time Listenings Wrap-Up: Week of 4/23/12

This week marked the returned of Night-Time Listenings. I thought that it wouldn’t be fair for a lot of people without Facebook accounts to miss out on these songs. However, if you don’t want to wait for the weekend to see these wrap-ups, you can still like our Facebook Page and listen to the songs the moment they go up! Since Night-Time Listenings  re-started on a Tuesday, there’s only four entries. And due to Sakura Matsuri, I couldn’t post this yesterday. Anyway, hit the jump and listen to the music.

Battle of Olympus – “Battle of Olympus”
Composer: Kazuo Sawa

Here’s the title theme for the old NES game The Battle for Olympus, composed by Kazuo Sawa. It’s not often you hear a moving arrangement such as this on the NES, which most games resorted to using more action packed, quicker paced melodies. It’s nice to hear something like this for a change.

Omega Boost – Fly
Performed by Loudmouth

Here’s a song some of you probably remember back during the PS1 days. This was the US intro to the Polyphony Digital game Omega Boost. The song is call “Fly” by the rock band Loudmouth.

Kotaku detailed the intro on Tuesday. but today, we detail the song. I will say, this is 90s rock goodness. Hard riffs, rough vocals, and all-’round kick-assness. And yest, the Omega Boost intro is amazing, utilizing real actors and cgi. Then again this was expected since this was Polyphony Digital, the company responsible for Gran Turismo that also used actors and cgi in their intros.

Megaman X6 – The Answer
Performed by Showtaro Morikubo

While Megaman X6 was seen as 1/2 of the lowpoint for the series (the other 1/2 being X7), the music was still pretty damn good for the game. Capcom decided to use Japanese rocker Showtaro Morikubo’s song “The Answer” for one of the theme songs. In the X6 intro, it’s the song you hear when “Megaman X6” flashes onscreen before fading into the title screen. While X6 was a lowpoint for the series, it was also the beginning of the series’ return to its hard-rock inspired roots.

Tower of Heaven – Luna Ascension
Composer: Flashygoodness

I encountered this song on No-Life Radio, an internet radio station that plays videogame music non-stop with no commercials or interruptions. It’s refreshing to see an indie game be inspired by the Gameboy rather than NES. The music especially takes into account the limitations of the Gameboy and uses the available instruments effectively. A single run of the song before looping is a bit on the short side, but it’s catchy as hell nonetheless.

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