Night-Time Listenings Wrap-Up: Week Of 5/14/12

“Great Scott, he finally did one song per day!” Yep, I managed to stay up ’til ten. I do kinda wish Facebook had a schedule system where I could write up something and schedule it to post on its own at certain time (like we have here). Anyway, this week on Night-Time Listening, we kicked off with a bit of Machinae Supremacy and their song Death From Above from Jets N Guns. Then we listened to a fine remix of Lockjaw’s Saga from Vincent Rubinetti. Afterwards was chiptune artist Fighter X and his song R07. We went a little obscure oldschool with the Main Board Theme from Jaki Crush. And finally, we ended the week with some Chrome Gadget from Sonic 3.

Remember to like our Facebook page to get updates from TWF, and to see the music posted without waiting for these wrap-ups. Again credit goes to the fine people of The Spriters Resource (SkyLights specifically) for the background to Chrome Gadget.

Jets N Guns – Death From Above
Composed by Machinae Supremacy

Finally I post something from this band. Around the time I made the header image for the site, I added album covers to musicians that I featured or were to be featured in Night-Time Listening. Well, you know how that turned out. But now this segment is back. And here is Machinae Supremacy. Drawing heavy inspiration from the Commodore 64 the SID chip, their music is a perfect blend of metal and chiptunes. While they do have a vocalist, they opted for an all-instrumental soundtrack for Jets N Guns. This certainly won’t be the last you see from Machinae Supremacy on Night-Time Listening.

Encounter In The Abyss (Remix of Lockjaw’s Saga from DKC2)
Composed by Vincent Rubinetti (aka evesira)

If there was one way I would describe Vincent Rubinetti (aka evesira), it’s beastly. He’s up there as one of my favorite remixers out there. The cool thing with his remixes is that they sound more like modern enhancements. Take for instance Encounter in The Abyss, a remix of Lockjaw’s Saga. At first it seems like your typical remix that tries to do some odd stuff with the source material. But once those drums kick in, you know right away that this is going to be close to the source material, and any qualms you might have about the song go right the hell away. The one sad thing about Rubinetti is that he doesn’t really upload much to youtube. But he does have a website where he uploads his other music.

Composed by Fighter X

Continuing that chiptune hook from Monday, here’s a song from an artist I found this week. His name is Fighter X, an artist who uses Little Sound DJ (or LSDJ for short), and what sounds like FL Studio. I could be wrong though. But this song has a nice flow to it with a constant beat and a consistent backup melody.

Jaki Crush – Main Board Theme
Composer Unknown

A while ago, like say 3-4 years ago, I was introduced to Devil’s Crush via the Virtual Console. However, I never bought the game for some reason. But I was well aware of its music. After looking up more info on the Crush series, I came across Jaki Crush, a long forgotten entry on of the Crush series of pinball games that was released on the SNES (instead of the TG-16). I listened to the main board theme of this game, and man, I was blown away! the melody, the percussion, the rhythm, and dear Zeus that synth solo! It’s hard to believe this is game never made it stateside. This is one hell of a song.

Sonic 3 – Chrome Gadget
Composed by Jun Senoue et al

For the final day of the work week, let’s hop back on the Sonic train and listen to Chrome Gadget. Kind of a shame that the stage and song was secluded to being multiplayer only. This would’ve been a pretty stage to play in. I mean, you have a dark area blanketed only by moonlight and sparse lighting. I mean, it sounds scary when you describe it. But couple it with this music, and suddenly the atmosphere changes.

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