Night-Time Listenings Wrap-Up: Two Week Special

Okay then, I’ll have to backpeddle on this one a bit. There was only one song two weeks ago and nothing this past week since we were all busy with E3. So to make up for that, I’m going to do a Two Week Special. Basically, I’ll be posting 10 songs here, which is two weeks worth of music. And I’ll be taking a from each of my Top 10 favorite games of all time (As of this year. It changes sometimes). Also, the songs selected are not what I consider the best songs of each game, they’re just randomly chosen. So hit that jump and get listening.

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Super Mario RPG – Booster Tower
Composed by Yoko Shimomura

Who is Booster? Well, he’s some… thing that keeps Peach locked away in the balcony of his tower. In his tower lies his Sniffit servants and a plethora of toys. In way, you can think of him as the ancestor to Francis in Super Paper Mario in that they’re both manchildren. This tower was packed with crazy traps, like the empty room with hidden fireballs, see-saws, Knife Guy and Grate Guy, and the ever famous curtain that turned Mario 8-bit. As for the music, I love this swanky swing style. It’s pretty jarring though considering that there was a softer song on the lower floors.

Persona 3 – Mass Destruction
Composed by Shouji Meguro

“Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby…” The opening to this song is like the opening bass-line in the classic Final Fantasy games: pumps you up and you never get tired of it. There’s a good chance that those unaware of Persona 3 might think that this is just a cutscene song or a boss song, when in fact this is the regular battle theme. Lotus Juice spits the rhymes for this song and is mighty funky. And those trumpets! Woo!

Xenoblade Chronicles – You Will Know Our Names
Composed by ACE+

“Who got in my battle?” I ask this every time I head into a group of enemies for some ass whomping in Xenoblade. And then I hear this play, unaware of the fact that a Unique Enemy was in the group. But when you know full well there is a Unique Enemy there, this song goes from damning to freaking awesome! The opening of the song is like a warning bell, that this enemy is the boss of this pack and it out for your ass. And then the chorus kicks in, doing the reverse of the opening and going “well I’m the player, and I’m out for your ass.”

Okami – Ryoshima Coast
Composed by Masami Ueda et al

For a while I thought that Shinshu Fields was the only location in Okami, like how I thought Drake Kingdom was the only one in Legend of Legaia. Then the game signifies that there’s more to the world after defeating Orochi. And so you leave Shinshu Fields to Ryoshima Coast and greeted with this wonderful masterpiece. A driving bass and rhythm, boisterous brass, and loud taiko drums (in the second half). It’s a feast for the ears.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Dance of Pales
Composed by Michiru Yamane

As a kid, I thought I’ve been to all the places possible in Castlevania: SOTN. Of course, this was only the beginning. I discovered Olrox’s Quarters after toying around with the clock room, thinking I could cause a time paradox with the stop watch. A path opens, leading me to this area. As a kid, I never really appreciated music like this. But as I grew I came to really like this waltz-like composition. The piano really shines in this song, playing calm and serene notes, almost as if the piano is dancing with the violins, going back and forth with the main and backing melody.

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