Night-Time Listenings Is Moving To Tumblr. Oh Yeah, We Have A Tumblr Too!

At first I thought it would be cool to bring back the ol’ series to TWF, and to have it posted in the place that started it all: Facebook. However, I faced a harsh reality. It wasn’t guaranteed that I’d be there to post the music on Facebook. Either I was busy making an article, watching something, or even sleeping. There would be days were there would be no music and I’d have to make it up, as evidenced by my complaining on the wrap-up articles. With Tumblr, I can schedule posts to go up their own, much like I can do here on the WordPress platform. This is the one thing I wish Facebook had, but doesn’t. So starting on Monday, all Night-Time Listening posts will be on our Tumblr page, with weekend wrap-ups continuing here.

Speaking of which, welcome our new Tumblr page. Since we at The Wired Fish want to spread out to as many social platforms as possible, we’ll be starting our trek on Tumblr. It will function similarly to our main site with most articles auto-posting there. But, like Night-Time Listening, we might put up extra stuff that you’ll only see there. So if you have a Tumblr, be sure to follow us there and spread the word!

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