Magical Drop V Launched Yesterday

UTV Ignition once again shows the world that they’re still alive, and made good on their word that Magical Drop V would be released in the U.S. They released a trailer last week and hooooly crap that music is awesome! What was I going to s—oh yeah, Magical Drop V releasing packed to the brim with modes. It’s got the usual story more (now different for each character), and competitive multiplayer modes. But now there’s more added on the multiplayer side. Teams Battles is a new mode where two people play cooperatively in one playfield versus another team. This raises the possibility of some massive screen-clearing chains. King of the Hill is also added into the mix. This release also comes with Ghostlop, which looks to be a mix of Bust-A-Move/Puzzle Bobble and Arkanoid. This playstyle can also be mixed into a match, so you can have a Magical Drop vs. Ghostlop style matchup.

Magical Drop is currently available on Steam for $10. Golgoth Studio was also nice enough to offer the soundtrack free to download on their website. A box of some f-ing Kleenex for The Fool is also available at your local store.

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