Former PR Man For GameStop Is Going To Jail For Fraud

Gamestop VP Jailed

Looks like someone caught on to his game. Former VP of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Frank Christopher Olivera, was charged with fraud and plead guilty to those charges late last year. Judge Boyle then sentenced Olivera to 51 months in prison. So what did Olivera do? Well, he started by creating a fake company called Cloud Communications LLC. When he was sent payments, he funneled them to supposed Cloud Communications offices in Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, and Canada. He also setup a fake person, Jennifer Miller, to handle communications between companies. When the money was transferred to Cloud Communications, all of it was then transferred to Olivera’s personal bank account.

How much did he steal before being caught? $1.7 million dollars! The judge ordered him to pay all that back plus an additional $134,651 for damages. Olivera’s been able to pay back most of it. Looks like his inmates will be having a pre-order on their hands very soon.

Former GameStop VP jailed for fraud [GameIndustry International]

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