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E3 2012 Microsoft Press Conference Liveblog

Ahoy and welcome one and all to the Microsoft Press Conference Liveblog. Last year Microsoft showed off more things to do with the Kinect and surprised the world with the reveal of Halo 4. They’ve showed off the new features that would be coming to Xbox 360. As the days got closer, the rumors were running rampant with some saying that Microsoft would show off a new console (and block used games). Today is judgement day. All the rumors will be cleared and the future of Microsoft will be revealed.

Liveblog and Conference starts at 12:30PM EDT

E3 2012 Microsoft Press Conference

*Note: Since we’re using the free version of CoverItLive, some readers might be blocked due to reader limit. Fret not as the conversation will be copy/pasted below when the conference it over.

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