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Operation Rainfall Readies a New Mailing Campaign

Fan movement Operation Rainfall has completed their initial three mailing campaign, which targeted Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower for NTSC localization. The last expected day that Nintendo would have received their letter was on July 27 (the campaign for Pandora’s Tower). Since then, Nintendo has released their release calendar(,pdf, pg 6) for the rest of the year, and still none of the above mentioned games were found on that list. To make matters worse, Nintendo has reported a massive financial loss in the last fiscal year due in part to poor sales of the 3DS and Wii (plus the massive drought occurring on the Wii). This might make the localizing of the Rainfall titles even more of a risk as now Nintendo is going to play in the safest of ways possible. Maybe that huge price cut on the 3DS might turn the tables, but for now, things are looking very gloomy.

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