NightTime Listening – ArtStyle light trax

Here’s a new kind of article I’ll be posting. Hopefully this will be a daily routine. Basically, there will be a theme for the night, whether it’s music from a videogame, artists, or a certain genre of music. Anyway, tonight, we’ll be listening to the music of ArtStyle light trax. A game made by indie company Skip ltd and published by Nintendo. Tonight, we will listen to five songs from this game.
And so, hit the jump to see the first entry.

Name – Korogi

The entry is a funky mix of hip-hop, techno, and chiptunes. Here is Korogi, a rather haunting composition that sounds like impending doom is looming. There’s another version of this song (titled Love Is)

Name – Computer

One of the first songs I heard from Light Trax. Hearing that tone, it does take me back to the old NES day. Actually, it kinda sounds like an intro theme to an NES game (minus the percussion and that “wow” sound in the middle of the song).

Name – Bowy

“Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.” That is one wicked cool ass voice synth. Lovin’ the beat this song has, has a little bit of that salsa flavor in there. Which gets me thinking, I’ve never heard a vocaloid duet with this kind of voice I’m hearing here. Would be pretty cool to hear old style voice synth sing along with a modern-day voice synth, like vocaloids.

Name – Superplay

This is an awesome sounding song. It starts off slow, signaling that something big is about to happen. And then it picks up the pace, with increased percussion presence and a double bass coming in here and there. Not playing the game myself, some have pointed at this being a final level theme.

Name – Whiteplan

Finally, here’s a serene song to end off the night. Synth sweeps accompany the soft crystalline chimes. The percussion is not very intrusive in this. I can see myself driving home with someone at night after a night out, probably on a Friday night in the city.

Well then Fellow Fishes. Good night, and Good morning.

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