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Oh sweet, a gaming festival in my neck of the woods (sort of)!

Here’s something I don’t hear every day!

“Game Play”, a performing arts festival, centered around video games is set to hit the NYC area for the majority of July (7th – 31st).  Typically when I hear about cool events like these, they’re usually over toward the west coast.

Luckily, most of us at The Wired Fish are Bronx dwellers — one cramped subway ride from The Brick, a theater in Brooklyn where the festivities take place.

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NightTime Listening – ArtStyle light trax

Here’s a new kind of article I’ll be posting. Hopefully this will be a daily routine. Basically, there will be a theme for the night, whether it’s music from a videogame, artists, or a certain genre of music. Anyway, tonight, we’ll be listening to the music of ArtStyle light trax. A game made by indie company Skip ltd and published by Nintendo. Tonight, we will listen to five songs from this game.
And so, hit the jump to see the first entry.

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