NightTime Listening – Mizca

Normally, I would be in the camp that would hate this kinda of music. But, last semester, I began to grow find of it to the point that I actually added them to my playlists. The one to start them all is Mizca (real name Masami Mitsuoka). Now I would talk a bit about her history, but you can look that up on your own. Besides looking pretty damn hot, she can sing pretty damn fast! Is it Hoover’s Ooover fast? Eh, maybe since there might be some voice-synthesizing to make her sound like she’s singing fast (outside of changing her voice to sound like a vocaloid). Anyways, hit the jump to hear some music.

Mizca – ダメよ♡

Here’s one of the first songs I heard from Mizca called “Dame yo.” I’m not exactly sure what to say about this song. “Technopop,” as her record label is calling it, would be fitting. It’s fast paced, and very addictive. After the intro chorus, you begin to hear her fast singing. As for the video… it’s strange to watch. You’re almost immediately greeted to a crazy good pair of legs…and then the dancing begins, along with iPhone-like finger strokes. I do like the leading comment on the youtube vid saying, “This video looks like an iPad threw up on it.” Now, only having veeeeery basic understanding of Japanese, I though this song was lighthearted. Then I saw the fansub. What the–? She sounds disappointed that some guy left him. Weird juxtaposition if you ask me.

Mizca – Robotics

Here’s the second song I found out about. For Mizca, this is the second song she would make. Immediately, you’ll notice the slower pace of this song. It’s also not as high-pitched as Dameyo. It’s got more of that hip-hop-pop style. The call and response of her singing and a highly synthesized voice kicking in sounds pretty cool. With the video, we are immediately greeted to DAT ASS! This time around the dacing makes a little more sense with the whole theme of robots. There’s also some playing around with a green glowing heart. Overall, the video is a little more low-key (since it is their first), but it goes will for the slower pace of the song.

Mizca – キラキラ☆

Here’s the last song for the night called Kira-Kira. It’s even more synthesized than the other two songs. The bass in this song is strangely more deeper in this. Mizca also continues to the fast singing that she did in Dameyo. In the video, we can see Crown Records budget increase as now there’s a whole lot more going on, and Mizca FINALLY has backup dancers (unless it’s her multiplied). The dancing goes back to not making sense, but somewhat fun to watch.

Just for the hell of it, here’s another video with a dancing what-the-hell-that-is. It’s got some damn cool rapping too!

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