NighTime Listening – EE Jump

I find it kinda ironic that I kept saying to myself, “This is my last year in college. I’m gonna try and spend as much time as I can with my clubroom peoples,” Only to really be in the clubrooms for just 3 days out of the week (instead of the usual 4 from other semesters). Why only 3 days? Because my schedule has me going to campus on all days but Thursday and Sunday. If I did start coming in on Thursdays, I’d have a Japanese-style schedule (only Sundays are free). Speaking of which, here’s another group from Japan called EE Jump. The type of music they do is rather uplifting and upbeat. It’s great for those days that just simply suck. Plus, it’s gonna rain tonight (well, in New York anyway), so some some happy music for ya!

EE Jump – Ikinarizumu

Okay, first let’s start with this song. This is the first song I listened to from EE Jump. Almost immediately I had the idea that this was gonna be a weird group. Ikinarizumu sounds like a hoedown. And if 0:47 is anything to go by, I’m not wrong in calling it that. Then things just become silly with that interlude before the next verse begins. Do I hate this song…no actually. It actually sounds like an inspiring song, what with the clenched fist and that “Go for it!” kind of attitude these guys are going for.

EE Jump – Seishun no Sunrise

And then there’s this song. This song single-handedly change my view on EE Jump. I really, really like this song. You just can’t think about anything bad listening to this song. And seeing the video, you can’t help but smile at it. It’s goofy, it’s funny, but it all has a meaning behind it all. Everyone in the “Sakura Building” is just going about their boring lives, doing things that normal people would do (Except for Seppuku, that’s not normal), then all of sudden to kids in pink jumpsuits show up and start singing and gets everyone dancing. You knida just wanna join along.

EE Jump – Hello! Atarashi Watashi!

Here’s something a little more slower paced from EE Jump. Going on the fansubs, it’s a love song. To be honest, it’s nothing special, but it’s nice to hear after a long day in the campus. I tend to let this play while I’m in the train. Overall, EE Jup kinda reminds me of a glee club. For those wondering if EE Jump is still around…unfortunately, no. Actually, they haven’t been around since 2002 (when they disbanded). So this is some pretty old music I’m sharing here. But it still holds up for today, especially with the way things are going for people today. So happened to this group since the disbanding? Well…The guy’s in jail. The girl? Well… She seems to be doing well by herself... I think (there ain’t a lot of info on EE Jump or what’s happened upto today).

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