So, why is The King of Cosmos up there as my article image? Well, like any (loosely) sane minded individual, most of us have heard of Katamari Damacy. Some of us even played the game. So what does this have to do with The IDOLM@STER? Some of you probably already know where this is going. But I’ll continue on in hopes of humoring the public. Hit the jump to see the realization

It all started with Beautiful Katamari for the XBox360. Now, I’ve had a liking for the music of the Katamari series. They’re catchy, quirky, and very upbeat. But there was this one song in the bunch that I initially hated. It’s called Danketsu. I hated it because the mission that it plays on was freaking hard!! And the voices were so high pitched to the point of annoyance. And so with every failure came hearing the damned song over again! But then overtime I’ve grown used to it, listening while I’m playing and finding new intricacies in the song, like the “talking” going in sync with the music, and seeing that there was actually many voices in the song.

Heading to youtube to listen to music while doing artwork, I decide to go pull up the Beautiful Katamari soundtrack playlist and listen on. Danketsu pops up. And would ya know it, I really started to like it since I didn’t have to worry about making a bigger katamari or hearing the screams of helpless people getting picked up by the thing. So hearing the song fully and clearly, I was able to appreciate the upbeat nature and the way in which the song was made with the “talking” verses. So I download the song and add it to my playlist.

Now that the song was in my PSP (the playlist) for me to listen to, I was now really able to listen to it without looking at anything. Since I took a Japanese class (and have veeeeery basic understanding of the Japanese language), I thought it’d be fun to see if I could catch what they were saying. And then…I was wondering. What the hell is that deep ass voice in the beginning saying? While waiting for the bus in front of a Blimpie, the song popped up again. I hear the voice again, and it hit me. “Is it saying IdolM@ster? Well, it would make sense since they’re both made by the same company… And that “@” in IM@S ALL STARS… I’ve only seen that used in one other game. Eh, it probably has nothing to do with IdolM@ster.”

I hit up youtube again. “OH WHAT THE HELL!?”

It is from the IdolM@ster! This realization hit me like a goddamn tsunami! My beef with The IdolM@ster, besides being the only game that the Japanese would even bother with for the 360, is that it plays on that tired “mo-e” fantasy that pops up a lot in anime. Plus, the fact that most people that like The IdolM@ster range from old to old as dirt. Pretty creepy. But in the end, I have to swallow my pride and come to the realization that what I’ve been listening to all this time was a song from The IdolM@ster, and that I like the song.

Upon watching the video, I can see that the song could’ve been made specifically for Beautiful Katamari (as seen by the Prince’s cousins popping up and the little prince cameo in the beginning) and not a pre-existing song added to Katamari (or maybe I’m wrong). It’s funny too that I didn’t even notice the hints of it being The IdolM@ster, especially when they’re spelling it out to end a chorus. Man I’m dense! But regardless, I have to come to grips that I like a song from The IdolM@ster, a game that I hated since its release. It’s like when I hated lasagna as a kid, only to like the hell out it when I got older. *sigh* But to answer the name of this article. Do I like The IdolM@ster? Well, just this one song. Does that mean that I’ll listen to the other songs that they have? Well, I’ll have to be really bored or really looking for songs when I can’t find any.

Moral of the story kids: Don’t knock it till you realized you’ve liked it all along.

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