Japan Hit By Major Earthquake and Tsunami

I was just play some Persona 4, and suddenly I hear in the other room my pops calling to tell us that Japan has gotten hit by a 8.9 Earthquake. You heard right. 8.9! And, as I’m writing this, the tsunami is already hitting the shoreline. It’s a terrifying sight, as there are actually flames being carried amongst the other objects being carried by the waves. Much of what’s being submerged right now looks like farmland. The center of the quake hit 231 miles away from Tokyo.

Certainly many within the anime and videogame community are concerned. I’m most certainly concerned as well. It may seem odd to mention this. But with many within our circle, when one thinks Japan, you can’t help but think about anime and videogames. Regardless, this is a dark day for Japan.

But without a doubt, no matter who you are, we are all feeling for Japan right now. We at TWF send out thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan affected by the earthquake and the tsunami.

via CNN

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