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Japan Is Finally Getting Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Adcance Wars Days of Ruin Japan

In an unexpected turn of events, the once cancelled Japanese version of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin is finally getting released in Japan, but with a twist. Instead of releasing it at retail, it is a Platinum reward for Japanese Club Nintendo members. This is one of the few instances of a game made in Japan not releasing in its country of origin (which brings to mind this game I talked about a ways back). We’ll talk about this a sec, first some backstory. Advance Wars: Days of Ruin was the second game in the Advance Wars series for the DS (fourth overall for the U.S.) and went for a more darker theme than the previous entries in the series. The story sees the world in shambles after a meteor shower, and the armies of the world react with either righteousness, cowardice, or aggression towards their fellow man. At the same time, a flora/fauna-sprouting virus known as the Creeper is spreading across the land, and for some reason it only infects young people. Along with the darker story, the game’s also got some kickass music that I’ve covered quite a few times.

Now then, the release of Days of Ruin in Japan for the 3DS brings a couple of milestones with it. One is that this is the first retail DS game released for Nintendo eShop on the 3DS. While it’s still only for Club Nintendo members, this could open the doors for more DS games getting released for the service. The other is that, for Nintendo, this is technically the first essentially cancelled game to get released in Japan. While another Nintendo game, ExciteBots: Trick Racing, was simply not announced for Japan when it first came out, Days of Ruin was supposed to come out in the region. The game was constantly delayed until it was eventually cancelled. With this game finally getting released, who knows what other cancelled games Nintendo might revive for a comeback.

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin on Club Nintendo [via Club Nintendo Japan]

New Nintendo Direct In Japan Set For Tomorrow

Looks like Nintendo’s gonna do another Nintendo Direct. According to the message on the streaming page, they’ll only be focusing on Wii and 3DS software. They make it very clear that there will be no Wii U news on this. I have a feeling this is primarily going to be a 3DS showing as the Wii is on its last legs. If they’re going to show anything on the Wii, it’ll probably be extra stuff for games currently released, maybe some Fatal Frame II and Kirby 20th Anniversary news, etc. Remember, this is the Japanese Nintendo Direct, so any news coming out of this may not necessarily apply to the U.S. But who knows, maybe Iwata might break the flow, become aware of the U.S. audience watching it, and suddenly announce at the last minute that Pandora’s Tower‘s coming to the U.S.!

Since the broadcast starts at 8PM JST, using a timezone converter, that means it’ll start at… 7AM EST? Huh… I think I might have to wake my ass up early for this then. Use this. If I’m wrong, please correct me.

[Japanese Nintendo Direct Site]

Retro Weekends – Monster Party

Pumpkins, vampires, zombies, murderous robots. These were among the numerous creatures to pervade the entertainment landscape, tapping into the fears that people developed worldwide. So it’s no surprise that such monsters would find their way into videogames. Monster Party sought to bring them to the forefront and make them the primary enemies in the game. What we got was a game that actually parodized the monster genre and made little references to the source material here and there. Oh, and this game pretty was hard. After a month off, let’s celebrate NES MAY with a Monster Party!

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Catch Mitsuko Yoshitomi and Honomi At Dance Parade 2011

Image courtesy of BronxNet

Several weeks ago during my internship, dancers Mitsuko Yoshitomi and Honomi performed on the Open show set. You can catch their performance on the BronxNet Open site (it starts around 50:32, followed by an interview with them around 55 minutes in). The video does load slowly though. But fret not, you can hit the jump and see that same performance in the youtube video below (you’ll only be missing the interview). They will be performing this Saturday (May 21) at the Dance Parade in NYC, which starts at 1PM. Continue reading

Japan Hit By Major Earthquake and Tsunami

I was just play some Persona 4, and suddenly I hear in the other room my pops calling to tell us that Japan has gotten hit by a 8.9 Earthquake. You heard right. 8.9! And, as I’m writing this, the tsunami is already hitting the shoreline. It’s a terrifying sight, as there are actually flames being carried amongst the other objects being carried by the waves. Much of what’s being submerged right now looks like farmland. The center of the quake hit 231 miles away from Tokyo.

Certainly many within the anime and videogame community are concerned. I’m most certainly concerned as well. It may seem odd to mention this. But with many within our circle, when one thinks Japan, you can’t help but think about anime and videogames. Regardless, this is a dark day for Japan.

But without a doubt, no matter who you are, we are all feeling for Japan right now. We at TWF send out thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan affected by the earthquake and the tsunami.

via CNN