Falcom supporting the NGP, teaser for next PSP Legend of Heroes game revealed

Looks like there might be a reason to keep an eye on the NGP. The CEO of Falcom has said that the company is working on a new RPG for the handheld, hopefully to be released near launch. I haven’t found many reasons to look forward to the NGP just yet, but having Falcom supporting the handheld with RPGs would definitely be one of them.

In other Falcom related news, a new Legend of Heroes game for PSP will be arriving later this year in Japan. Eiyuu Densetsu: Aoi no Kiseki, sequel to Zero no Kiseki, has a release date of September 29th. A teaser has been put up on youtube, which you can see after the jump.

The trailer looks pretty cool, but the real tease is that beginning song. I was loving it until it got abruptly cut off…

While this game is only slated for Japan at the moment, it does gets me hyped for the Legend of Heroes game that we’re getting. If the Trails in the Sky trilogy does well, maybe we’ll also get this series in the states.

Via: Andriasang

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