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Persona 2 Eternal Punishment Now Available on PSN As A PS1 Classic


One of two outcomes had to happen, and it looks like my gut was right. Atlus has released the original Playstation version of Persona 2 Eternal Punishment on PSN, finally making every Persona game much more possible to collect. Persona 2 Eternal Punishment was released late in the PS1’s lifecycle, and as such became a rather obscure title in the Persona series (and damn expensive as well). It wasn’t until games like Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, Digital Devil Saga, and Persona 3 brought the game into the limelight. Another odd thing about this entry was that it was actually the second game in the Persona 2 duality, probably confusing players when events of the first entry, Innocent Sin, would be recounted somewhat. However given the way things end up by the end of Innocent Sin, you’d probably be able to play the game anyway without too much being spoiled. Regardless, players would finally be able to play P2: IS on the PSP many years later.

Eternal Punishment would get the enhanced port treatment Innocent Sin got last year on the PSP. However many wondered if it was going to get localized considering the status of the PSP in the U.S. and the release of the Vita. Two things were going to happen to this game: it gets localized and released, albeit without the sweet packaging Persona 1 and Innocent Sin got, or the PS1 version got released on PSN, costing considerably less than localizing the PSP version. And it looks like they took option two. No word yet if the PSP version will get localized anyway, but it looks like a done deal and this will be the only way we play the game. Besides, at least the original PS1 game’s localization wasn’t as idiotic as the PS1 version of Persona 1.

God Of War Demo, Persona 2 Headline Tuesday’s PSN Update [Gaming Blend]

Final Fantasy Type-0 Western Localization Teased By Scenario Director

While I prepared to resume operations after Hurricane Sandy forced me to go offline for safety reasons, Gamespot was conducting an interview faaaaar from the mess with Final Fantasy Type-0 scenario director Hajime Tabata. Much of the interview focused on his efforts with Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Type-0. Near the tail-end of the interview, editor Jonathan Toyad asked Tabata if there were still any plans to release Type-0, a PSP game. Tabata replied:
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Could Type-0 DLC Song In Theatrhythm Spell A Future For Its Western Localization?

Square Enix laid out its schedule of DLC for their 3DS rhythm game Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy. Among the list is a song from Final Fantasy Type-0, “What Becomes of Us.” This is an interesting addition to the game since Type-0 has yet to be localized for Western release. Many have been clamoring for this game to cross the Pacific since its release in Japan last year. The game was released for the PSP and was to be the start of a new series for just handhelds. Of the three Fabula Nova Crystalis games, this one, once light-hearted under the Agito XIII name, became the darkest of the three with its new Type-0 moniker. The market for the PSP is vastly different between Japan and the West, with the West’s market being a virtual ghost town. This might’ve been the deciding factor for Square Enix and their lack of interest in bringing the game over here.

But then there’s this. Now this can be interpreted as ramping up interest. But it could very much be them trying to keep a consistent release schedule between all territories. And with potential money involved, leaving this out because a game isn’t here yet is lost cash. And — to tangent a bit here — in both Dissidia and Duodecim, Type-0 icons (then still called Agito XIII) were unlockable. But I digress, here’s hoping something happens with Final Fantasy Type-0. Anything positive for this game is a positive for a future release on PSN (or elsewhere).

Theatrhythm DLC Schedule Has A Final Fantasy: Type-0 Song For U.S. [Siliconera]

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment [PSP] Intro

Now that the PSP version of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment has released (or is close to release) in Japan, It’s time to see the intro to it. Right away I noticed that the music is more reminiscent of the older versions of the P2 games rather than making a new song for the Innocent Sin entry of the game. The intro is done by MadHouse, the same guys doing the anime for Persona 4: The Animation. Still no word on if we’re getting this version here in the states. If we are, they better do it soon ’cause the PSP’s on its last legs. I mean, that didn’t stop them from releasing P4 late in the PS2’s lifecycle, but the state of the PSP here is worse.

XSeed Has Cancelled Localization For Grand Knights History

Grand Knights History was slated for release some time in early Spring, roughly March. That time came and went with nary a word from XSeed Games, the game’s North American publisher. Many wondered if the game was just delayed. Others were fearful of Vanillaware’s other game, Dragon’s Crown, getting the shaft. Thankfully, that game is in good hands. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Grand Knights History as Xseed announced overnight that they have cancelled the NA localization of Grand Knights History, citing unavailable development resources. However, unless someone else picks up the game, I have a few hunches that this decision goes beyond unavailable resources.

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A Pair Of Shin Megami Tensei News To Wet Your Appetite

If you have forgotten about it, here’s a reminder that Persona 2: Eternal Punishment will be hitting the PSP in Japan soon. Atlus has released a new trailer for the game and showed bits of gameplay as well. From the looks of it, it will stick to what made Innocent Sin a fun, old-school romp. Admitedly, I don’t know much about Eternal Punishment outside of only knowing it was the only Persona 2 game released in the U.S. back then. So I was surprised to see that Nanjo, the rich guy from Persona 1, will be in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. Maya will take over as the main protagonist with Tatsuya Suou playing a scondary role. Katsuya Suou looks like he’ll play a bigger role as well. Madhouse will be doing the intro for Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. Satelight, the studio that did Innocent Sin‘s intro, will be busy doing the intro for the next game I’m going to talk about.

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Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Confirmed For Release on PSP

I saw the alert in my inbox today and though, “Man these guys are ultra late. This game came out last summer.” Then I look closer, and it’s actually about the other Persona 2 game, Eternal Punishment. In any case, Atlus has confirmed that Persona 2: Eternal Punishment will be released in Japan in May of this year. Eternal Punishment is a sort of continuation/expansion of the story told in Innocent Sin. Here, the story takes place a few months later, everything is set in a parallel world where the events that happened in Innocent Sin… never happened. Maya is now the silent protagonist, everyone returns but they do not know each other, save for Tatsuya, Innocent Sin’s protagonist, who remembers everything. I haven’t beaten the first Persona 2 game to know why EP is set up this way. I’m far though. Let’s just say that the map is very different from when I first started the game.

Atlus has confirmed that the new intro animation for Eternal Punishment will be done by Madhouse, the studio behind Persona 4: The Animation. IS‘ opening was done by Satelight. On the music side, players will be able to switch between the remastered and original soundtrack in-game. So far no word yet if Persona 2: Eternal Punishment will make it stateside. With Innocent Sin it seemed like a must since that was the only Persona to not get a U.S. release. With Eternal Punishment, it was released back in 2000 for the PS1, so it may not be that big of a priority. But ya never know. Atlus has been making nice with its fans so far, so I wouldn’t write this one off just yet.

Atlus announces JRPG Persona 2: Eternal Punishment coming to PSP in May [Pocket Gamer]

It’s February, Where’s Grand Knights History?

Late last year, XSEED Games said that they would be bringing over PSP game Grand Knights History and planned to release it some time around Winter. Normally, as the season draws closer, we’d get a more precise date and, in this case (niche game and all), a small marketing push. Well it’s February, and absolutely noting has come out from XSEED about Grand Knights History, a title developed by the Vanillaware. Siliconera did some investigating on XSEED’s Facebook page and saw that fans were also wondering about the game. They came to the conclusion that XSEED themselves have no idea when they’ll be releasing the game.

Grand Knights History has already been released in Japan to good reviews and sales. Vanillaware is still developing Dragon’s Crown, but even the fate of that game’s Western release is in question. And now that the world’s looking toward the future with the Playstation Vita, interest in this game will plummet, and XSEED might either have to bring the game to Vita, keep it on PSP and expect very low sales, or drop the game altogether.

Xseed Games’ Release of “Grand Knights History” is Stuck in Limbo [Crunchyroll, via Siliconera]

Atlus Reveals Gungnir for PSP

After teasing the hell outta gamers with little hints of what they’ll be bringing to the U.S., Atlus has revealed the game to be the strategy RPG Gungnir. While being only the fourth game in the Dept. Heaven series of games by developer Sting, it’s actually the 9th episode of the whole series. I’m guessing they’re pulling a Star Wars and skipping some episodes. The Dept. Heaven series so far consists of Riviera: The Promised Land, Yggdra Union, and Knights in the Nightmare. Gungnir is slated for release on June 12, 2012 for the PSP. That up there is the announcement trailer/intro to the game.

Now get cracking! You got a new game to guess about!

PSP Persona 1 Does Not Count Play Time Correctly

While we’re talking about Persona, I thought I’d share something that I haven’t noticed until recently. This is regarding the enhanced port of Revelations: Persona for the PSP (under the name Shin Megami Tensei: Persona). I looked around to see if anyone else has reported on this, but it seems to have gone over everyone’s head. If you look at the image above, you’ll see that my play time so far is 276 hrs, 37 mins. To some, this may look par for the course for a Persona game, let alone a MegaTen game. Except I don’t think that’s the case. I’m up to Deva Yuga, and so far it didn’t feel like I invested over 200 hours into the game. Then it hit me: The game counts the time you put the PSP system into Sleep Mode!

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The Wired Fish Podcast Episode 7

Ahoy fellow fishes. Another episode has arrived! Despite battery issues, we have a full episode for you today. First up, the 3DS: What happened and what will its future be. Next, Gamescom and the games we’re looking out for. And finally, we talk about the games we’re playing now.

P.S.: in the intro, I wanted to say Tuesday but had Thursday on the mind. There is no day called Tursday. I meant to say Tuesday.

Title Sequence……………………………………………………..0:36
The Fallout and Future of 3DS………………………………….0:57
Gamescom: Skyward Sword…………………………………18:51
Gamescom: Redesigned Wii………………………………….20:30
Gamescom: Non-Wi-Fi PSP…………………………………..22:05
Gamescom: The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower……….23:06
Gamescom: BlazBlue CSII update………………………….26:16
Gamescom: Ultimate MvC3………………………………….30:40
Gamescom: Street Fighter X Tekken……………………….43:20
Gamescom: Kombatant Freddy Krueger………………….44:45
Games that we’re playing now…………………………….53:06

Quick Tribute to Sisqo……………………………………………………1:04:10

The Breakdown – Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy

Marvel vs. Capcom, Super Smash Bros., King of Fighters, Fighters Megamix, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe… what that do all these games have in common? Well my friend, they’re all fighting games! Obvious. But what separates games like these from your typical ilk of fighters is that these are the crossover ones. The fighting games that pair up characters from different properties to (sometimes team up and) beat the crap out of each other in the name of pleasing the fans. So it comes as no surprise that Final Fantasy would jump into the fray of crossover fighters. They’ve done it before. But this time around, it all about the Final Fantasy characters, and it’s not your typical Left Side/Right Side kind of fighter. Two years ago, Square released Dissidia: Final Fantasy, a fighting game that was one part Virtual On, one part Kingdom Hearts. You were free to move everywhere, and you customized your character as they leveled up. In the end, it only appealed to the Final Fantasy crowd, and critics panned the game for its limited fighting system. So how does this prequel, Dissidia Duodecim fix the issues of the old? Hit the jump to read on.

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Sony Press Conference LiveBlog (Starts at 8PM)

Things seemed to have been going all fine and Dandy for Sony and their PS3 and PSP. But then the shit hit the fan when PSN suffered a major hack attack, shutting it down for almost a whole month. But now, things are back to normal (hopefully). But, does anyone remember what Sony was planning to do for E3? To be honest, I forgot since the PSN stuff was the talk of the town. Regardless, we expect the usual things Sony will show. We should be seeing some Infamous 2, Twisted Metal, and Move action to go along with this conference. Hopefully after today, we can really put this PSN stuff behind us and focus on the games Sony will be releasing.

Sony’s Press Conference starts at 8PM EST (5PM PST). Once the conference starts, click the link below.

Sony Press Conference

Persona 2 Coming to the US, Official Site Launched, Loses Tsumi Character

Atlus, you cheeky bastards. You had many a Persona fan worried that P2: Innocent Sin for the PSP wasn’t coming out in the US. But we kinda had a feeling that a P2 reveal was imminent after seeing that mysterious little mysterious email sent out to the Atlus Faithful. But now the world is in order, and now all Persona games has seen release in the US. (the PS1 Persona 2 we got was Eternal Punishment. We never got Innocent Sin).

The website was also launched following the announcement. Atlus is already taking preorders for the game. As you can assume from the bottom of the site, it’s still under construction, and only basic stuff like the debut trailer, storyline, and some screenshots (which are in English!). Persona 2 is set to release this fall in the US.

On a side note, I’m sad to inform some Persona superfans that the new logo for the US version has lost its 罪 (tsumi=sin) kanji that was seen in the the Japanese version of the game. Now, I tend to stay quiet when it comes to changes made to US releases, since no one really listens to the concerns of fans anyway. But from a graphic design standpoint, that kanji character gave the logo a unique “foreign” feel that goes well with both the story and the theme. To see it missing for the US version is kinda disappointing. Given, this is really a very small gripe and am grateful that we’re getting the game at all. Oh well, at least we can… what a minute! What the…!? OH C’MON ATLUS! Even Nintendo’s using the damn character! What’s stopping you from using it for the US!?

Persona 2: Innocent Sin’s localization hinted by email from the past

Update: It’s been confirmed, Atlus now has a website up for the game where you can learn about title and pre-order it.

Atlus recently sent out an email modeled after a newsletter dated June 23th 1999. The news coverage, giving off a feeling as if one has traveled back in time, is quite charming as it discusses things such as Y2K and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. But the important thing to notice is the rather conspicuous line that states that absolutely no new games were released that day in Japan. In fact, a little research shows that Persona 2: Innocent Sin was released for Playstation on that date.

While not an official announcement, this could hint of a localization for Innocent Sin’s PSP port in the US. Personally, I can’t wait if that proves to be the case. I played some of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, which is the second part of the Persona 2 duology, but sadly never finished it. Since I’d like to pick it up again, playing Innocent Sin would be a good start. At the very least, Atlus knows how to tease its audience with style. Check out the whole retro newsletter after the jump.

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