1 Wii U + 1 Wii U Controller = Not Much of a Problem

Well, to me anyway. In case you’ve been living under a rock (or looking at the Sorceress’ boobs all day), Nintendo just unveiled a new console called the Wii U. Now, I’m holding off on giving a full thought on the console since I want to get one of the other guys in on this. But one question that’s been popping quite a bit is how many of those tablet controllers the Wii U will recognize. An article from ZDNet confirms that there will only be one tablet controller per console. Meaning no local multiplayer with multiple tablet controllers. Now at first this may seem like a problem for local multiplayer enthusiasts. But for online gaming, it’s actually no problem at all. Looking at the games most “hardcore” tend to play, they’ll be going online and there’s really only one controller needed. It’s a bummer if you want to bring a local guest in as they won’t have the controller you have, but they can still use a multitude of controller options (among them being classic, Wiimote, Wiimote & Nunchuck, and Wiimote +). But you can still do local multiplayer with the other controllers.

Also, this confirmation also answers another question many gamers were asking in terms of how much the controller would cost. Nintendo says that the controllers will not be sold separately and that the controller you get with the console is the one you get. Thus, no need to worry about howm much the controller costs, for now. So when you get the console, you better treat your controller good and be nice to it! Otherwise, it’s gonna power down and not deal with yo’ shit anymore!

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