Grasshopper Announces Lollipop Chainsaw

Image from Famitsu

Fresh off releasing Shadows of the Damned, Grasshopper has revealed their latest game, Lollipop Chainsaw. According to Famitsu batch of screenshots (which I’ll send you to in a minute), it looks like this might be a third-person game. Not necessarily of the TPS-like variety, if some of the game art means anything. The main star, Juliet, is a cheerleader that is also a Zombie Hunter. She can also use some cheerleader moves to dispatch her foes (and even use pompoms!).

The story goes that she’s from a lineage of zombie hunters. One day, zombies start to terrorize her school, San Romero Highschool (hehe I see what you did there). She whips out her chainsaw, and gets to work. Does it make sense? Not much. But it looks like Suda 51 is involved in this, so it’s automatically awesome and completely bananas. It’s slated to release on PS3 and Xbox360. The game currently has no release date.

『LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW(ロリポップチェーンソー)』須田剛一氏が贈る猛毒ゾンビ青春アクション! [via Andriasang]

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