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Killer Is Dead: Mondo Girls English Trailer

I’ve been somewhat ignoring this game for a while now. Don’t know why. Probably because I didn’t quite get a good grasp on how this game was going to be played when the first trailers were shown. There’s also the fact that a lot of the KID stuff is in Japanese without English subtitles, so I did quite get a grasp of the story either. However my recent need to gravitate to the free spirits of the game industry has brought me here, and now I’m hyped as hell for the game!

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Grasshopper Manufacture Bought By GungHo, Killer Is Dead To Be Published By XSEED

Killer Is Dead Publisher

Last week came news that Grasshopper Manufacture, the developer known for housing the batshit insane Suda 51, was bought up by GungHo Entertainment. GungHo is known for hosting the servers for Ragnarok Online and acquiring Gravity Co. Ltd., the developers of the game. GungHo also hosted the servers for MMORPG Shin Megami Tensei Imagine (which is now run by Atlus Online). Given the track record of this company, it seems like a strange choice for them to acquire Grasshopper Manufacture since GM has no experience with online games. However GungHo has faith in this new venture, stating in a press release, “We believe the strength of a publisher lies in its creative talent so with the addition of GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE and SUDA51 we are adding some of the most innovative talent in today’s gaming world.” The press release also touts GungHo’s access to AAA resources that Grasshopper can use in its development of future titles.

The other news regarding this acquisition is the announcement of Killer Is Dead‘s U.S. release. Grasshopper’s latest game will be published by rising niche publisher and fan favorite XSEED. Interestingly, GungHo already has a U.S. publishing branch with GungHo Online Entertainment America, and is run by XSEED’s former president, Jun Iwasaki. XSEED themselves have published several GungHo games, so it seems like these two publishers have a good relationship going. So why bother with a U.S. publishing branch for GungHo?

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Suda 51’s Heart Wasn’t In The Final Product Of Shadows Of The Damned

He is one out of 3 people that really inspire me

According to Shinji Mikami, director of Resident Evil 4, Suda 51′s heart was not in the final release of Shadows of the Damned, which he acted as Executive Director of the project. The director went on to say, “It became a completely different game. That was a bit disappointing. I think Suda was unable to create the scenario he’d originally had in his head, and he rewrote the scenario several times. I think his heart was broken. He’s such a unique creator, so it seems to me that he was not quite comfortable with making this game.The game was nothing like Suda had planned, which is rather sad. Mind you, if we’d made it as he originally planned, it probably would have sold even less, but it would have been very unique.”

It is hard to say anything because I’m not one to believe something unless I hear or read it from the main source’s mouth. But if this is true, then wow. If I can say something to Suda 51 then I will tell him that I liked Shadows Of The Damned even if it wasn’t his ideal end product. It still came out good. If there was something you can say to Suda what would you tell him? Out of a lot of game companies out there, his company and he himself are the few that are doing something different, hate to see a guy like this get discouraged from making great games.


Lollipop Chainsaw Feedback Being Used For Next Grasshopper Game

They are not stopping anytime soon

In an interview between Kadokawa Games CEO Yoshimi Yasuda and Impress Watch, the CEO has mentioned that he and CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture Suda 51 have been going over player feedback from Grasshopper recent game, Lollipop Chainsaw. Yasuda admitted the player feedback was mixed. While he did get good comments, he also received bad feedback, both of which they will take into account.

The feedback is being used for the next game that both Kadokawa Games and Grasshopper Manufacture are working on, Killer Is Dead. The game is apparently close to its development peak so hopefully we get to see something about it soon because so far there have only been concept art concerning any relation to the game.

Some concept art after the break.

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Sine Mora Coming To PlayStation Network

This isn’t the Fox McCloud your brother grew up with

Sine Mora is a side scrolling shoot ’em up game exclusive to the Xbox Live Arcade that has you controlling a team of time traveling animal pilots trying to stop a crazed serial killer from committing genocide on their precious world. The game has been praised by critics for its fresh take on game modes, story (which can be hard to understand) and gameplay of this type of genre. Now the possibility of Playstation holders being able to play this game is coming to reality.

By Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality, Sine Mora came out in March of this year on Xbox Live Arcade. The response that this game has been receiving has allowed the developers to bravely release the game later this year for the vita (which was shown at E3). It has been confirmed by publisher Balazs Horvath (Digital Reality) that the game is also coming out for the Playstation Network later this year on December 31, 2012. There has been no confirmed price but knowing how these digital store games work when going multi-platform, it is safe to assume it will be priced the same (which goes for $15.00 on the Xbox live arcade).


Here’s Lollipop Chainsaw, In Trailer Form [update]

[Now with Youtube feed]

Accompanied by the old song “Lollipop,” We finally see Suda 51’s latest game Lollipop Chainsaw in action. The combat seems to borrow a bit from another Suda hit No More Heroes as the game’s main star, Juliet, with chainsaw in hand, fights smaller groups of zombies while the others wait to have a go at her. We can see her fighting in the halls, classroom, and gymnasium of her school, San Romero Highschool. Not sure if it’s just effects for the trailer, but the zombies seem to bleed not just blood, but glitter, hearts, and rainbows as well. It’s a Suda game, so this is normal folks. The story is being written by Hollywood director James Gunn and is being published by Warner Bros. Games.

Grasshopper Announces Lollipop Chainsaw

Image from Famitsu

Fresh off releasing Shadows of the Damned, Grasshopper has revealed their latest game, Lollipop Chainsaw. According to Famitsu batch of screenshots (which I’ll send you to in a minute), it looks like this might be a third-person game. Not necessarily of the TPS-like variety, if some of the game art means anything. The main star, Juliet, is a cheerleader that is also a Zombie Hunter. She can also use some cheerleader moves to dispatch her foes (and even use pompoms!).

The story goes that she’s from a lineage of zombie hunters. One day, zombies start to terrorize her school, San Romero Highschool (hehe I see what you did there). She whips out her chainsaw, and gets to work. Does it make sense? Not much. But it looks like Suda 51 is involved in this, so it’s automatically awesome and completely bananas. It’s slated to release on PS3 and Xbox360. The game currently has no release date.

『LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW(ロリポップチェーンソー)』須田剛一氏が贈る猛毒ゾンビ青春アクション! [via Andriasang]