Sonic Generations Chemical Plant Screenshots (Oh, and Some Footage Too!)

Maybe I’m a sucker for falling into the Sonic Cycle (the part where I’m hyped for an upcoming Sonic game), but one can’t help but just be giddy knowing that old Sonic stages are getting remade for Sonic Generations. We already saw Green Hill Zone (and played it on the demo). But just recently, SEGA has unveiled Chemical Plant Zone. First appearing in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Chemical Plant was the second zone you traversed. It was known for it’s many wavy blue paths, tubes that shot into all over the place, the Mega Mack (that purple water than was responsible for demise during childhood), and of course, that kick-ass theme song that even had the SNES kids bopping their head to the beat. This was a huge departure from the first game’s second stage, Marble Zone, which was more about careful exploration a more mellow, if volatile, atmosphere. Here, it was all about speed and pushing forward to avoid the mega mack. It seems in this remake for Generations, Metal Sonic will be the boss. As Modern sonic, Chemical Plant starts to explode. Pics and footage after the jump.

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