Bloody Roar 5 Confirmed…In Our Imaginations

Over the weekend, there was news that Hudson announced that they were making Bloody Roar 5. This came from Twitter account “HudsonSoftLtd,” and even had ハドソン written under its name. Well turns out that the Twitter account is fake, and so is the news about Bloody Roar 5. *sigh* I did wonder though why something like this would be announced on a Friday since most game announcements usually occur earlier in the week. But the truth is out, and those hoping to play as a bunny girl in HD won’t be getting any of that action. I still wonder what the game is like to play since I’ve never played a Bloody Roar game.

Once again, there is no Bloody Roar 5 game in development. But, maybe this might fan some flames of interest. And maybe, just maybe, Konami (owners of Hudson) might some something for the franchise.

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