Gamestop To Hide New Games Behind Used Games

In a message to Canadian Gamestop/EB Games employees, Kotaku has reported that one of the employees has has come forward to show what the new policy is. According to the employee, there will no longer be new or used games, just games. To make matters worse, all new games will be behind the used games on the shelves, and it’ll be hard to tell them apart since they’ll have the same stickers. This’ll be a huge problem for games that utilize online pass codes like Mortal Kombat and Saints Row: The Third to play online, as buying a used game means having to fork over more money to play online. “I can confirm this 100% we were given instructions last week to start this,” says one employee to Kotaku. “We were told that we were to merge all used games with the new games and have them sectioned off by one of four specific genres they gave us.”

Later in the day, another employee has come forward claiming this to actually be false. Kotaku has contacted EB Games (which is owned by Gamestop) and have yet to hear back from them.

EB Games/GameStop Gets Rid of Used Games Section [Update] [Kotaku]


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