Here comes a new challenger!

After a little more than a week, a few thousand matches, and a hand cramp or two, I think a review of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (Umvc3) is in order. I am very impressed with the overall rebalancing of the game. It seems Capcom really took the time to research problems within the original and tried their best to not make the same mistakes. For example, the DHC glitch is now removed from the game and I couldn’t be happier. This glitch alone made fighting characters with cinematic supers a nightmare. For those who don’t know what the DHC glitch is, please look at the video below:

If you watched the damage calculator on the right, you can see after Dante goes demon mode and Sentinel gets called in, the damage scale resets, hit stun deterioration resets and you can kill any character in the game. In Umvc3 this glitch has been corrected and the hit stun deterioration has also been preserved. So that is a win on Capcom’s part.

Many characters also received a lot of necessary nerfs and buffs. Magneto lost his insanely damaging combos (he still does more than norm, but it isn’t as terrifying) and Capt. America. Hagar, and many other characters received of the ground (otg) capabilities. Originally when I saw these changes I felt that Capcom was trying their very best to avoid the Mvc2 days of having useless characters. Later on in the review I will explain why I use the word ‘originally’.

Beside character balancing new modes were added to the game. Finally there is a spectator mode :). Also, at NYCC Capcom revealed a new mode called “Heroes and Heralds.” This mode incorporates a series of card that act as buffs for your characters and also alters gameplay mechanics. In the video below you can see these cards at work. I am very excited about the BlazBlue esque Xfactor burst mechanic. No actual release date is available for the mode, but Capcom did say it would be free 🙂 X 2.

Now that I have covered the good….lets get into the ugly. The only issue I have found the game to have is….THE NEW CHARACTERS ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL CAST! This is my personal opinion and I know I am not going to here the end of peoples agreements. But the new characters are just so amazing. Furthermore, I am not saying they should suck, but they outclass a lot of the characters from Mvc3. I am a she hulk player and one nerf she received was her slide. I agree that it was beastly good, and was a major tool in her offense. However, Capcom turned around and gave slides, that are better than her’s to some of the new characters. I also play taskmaster and he received some nerfs as well in the hitstun deterioration department. Now Hawkeye, for those who got to play with him, is an amazing character. Not only is his slide amazing, his arrow set ups are god like, and his damage is pretty good for a character that can camp. Nova is more amazing and if you just search youtube, there is plenty of combo vids with this beast of a character. If you want an overall look at some crazy combos with the new cast, I would watch the vid below of Desk, a combo video maker for Machinima. Daikuma out!

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