SOPA/Protect IP Battle – Round 2

Huh, we seem to back in this. Back in November, websites all around had censored their names in protest of two pieces of legislation. Today, Jan. 18, 2012, some websites have outright shut down in protest. Some have chosen to remain online, but make it clear that they are in protest, like Google. I’ve gone to some sites today and have received 503 errors. Our platform, WordPress, has censored out articles on their home in protest as well. Our latest episode of TWFP has half the episode dedicated to talking about SOPA and Protect IP. That will be put up Tomorrow.

Since November, we’ve gotten a better idea of who’s for and against SOPA. For game companies, you already know that Capcom supports it, saying that the “ESA represents us in these matters” and the ESA supports SOPA (fuck what Svensson says). However, some companies that are part of the ESA have come out against SOPA and Protect IP, including Epic Games and, more recently, Nintendo and Sony. Microsoft, Zynga, Notch, and others have joined the fight against SOPA and Protect IP. The bill’s writer, Lamar Smith, put on his slick-bastard hat and postponed the SOPA hearing until February, in hopes that the hype behind the Super Bowl will distract the public. Yes, it’s during the weekend and Congress doesn’t do weekends. But to put in perspective, in Japan, that didn’t stop Ishihara from passing a manga censorship bill when Japan was still suffering from the Earthquake and Tsunami last year. Mr. Smith is hoping to pull a Ishihara to get SOPA passed. Make it loud and clear to him that we won’t stand for hit bullshit!

I highly recommend that you got to and email your representatives and senators and let your voice be heard. If you’re a New York City resident, there is a protest happening today in front of the offices of Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. Both of them support the two bills. If you wish to join, RSVP and head on out there! If you want to know more, Gizmodo has a great rundown of how crappy this bill is. KYM also has one too (though you’ll have trouble going there today). Jason Harvey of Reddit also breaks down some of the terminology of the bills and how it could affect the infrastructure of the internet. Stuttering Craig from ScrewAttack and Daniel Floyd and James Portnow from Extra Credits have taken a stance against Protect IP and SOPA and have posted a message stating that if ESA continues to support the two bills, they will not attend nor cover E3, the ESA run and funded games convention.

Don’t let these bills pass! All of your favorites websites, including us, will fold under these two bills.

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