Resident Evil 6 Announced, Hachi Resolves to Get His Evil From Foreign Distributors

Behold, the horrors of Resident Evil h!...I mean 6!

Source: IGN

Earlier this week, news broke about a teaser site that, in all likelihood, was to build interest for the new Resident Evil game. And lo and behold, here we are, a new one announced and on the horizon.

From what little was gleaned from the site, the game is set ten years after the Raccon City incident. Seeing that people are getting a little too loose with the bioweapons again, The President of the United States (also known as the man who gave us that BITCH Ashley) has decided that revealing the horrors that occurred in that fateful affair might help to curb the resurging bioterrorist tendencies of the world around them, and he calls his old pal (and RE2 and RE4 protagonist) Leon S. Kennedy to be with him when he makes the announcement. This being a “not terribly pleasant” game, something goes wrong, the president is “transformed beyond recognition” and shit goes down.

Of course, all of that could have been avoided with the RIGHT man in office. Mechs trump bioterror any day...

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, original RE hardbody (and current UMVC3 star) Chris Redfield is in China investigating a possible bioterrorist threat. Between that, the president all cynobite and a general pall of fear hanging over the world, things aren’t looking too good for the human race, leading to the whole “Hope is Lost’ theme that keeps showing up in the material. Bet they really miss the good old days, when a nuclear holocaust was all they had to worry about, huh?
The Resident Evil games represent an interesting topic here at The Wired Fish. On one hand, we all respect the franchise’s successful rebirth during the RE4 days, brought about by fine craftsmanship and a willingness to experiment with its formula. It’s very rare that such a venerable franchise stays so relevent, and Capcom deserves applause for being so daring and conscious of the gaming atmosphere (wow, there’s something we don’t get to type much nowadays).
On the other hand, we are also, universally, from what is now considered the “old guard” of gaming (Yup, part of the “old guard”at the ripe old age of 20). We remember when the term “Survival Horror” was the fancy new buzzword used to describe any game with blood, jumpscares and terrible, terrible controls. Hell, I myself remember playing the “Director’s Cut” of RE1, back when such a thing was viable. And although the modern RE games are certainly enjoyable, we can’t help but lament the loss of the “horror” element from those earlier games, the feeling that you were less “Badass agent preparing to fight your way through the hordes” and more “Unfortunate soul about to get his/her ass MUNCHED if you don’t ration your herbs”.

No, none of that Rambo bullshit. You have two options: Run or shit yourself and die. You have 1.2693 seconds to decide before he mulches you.

Nonetheless, a new RE game deserves notice, even if I prefer the more measured, creative terror of Silent Hill myself (although, I must say, I rather enjoyed The Umbrella Chronicles, and wish to play Darkside Chronicles when the chance presents itself). It’s still way too early for a release date or anything like that, but stay tuned to The Wired Fish, for any news about evil, Resident or otherwise (^_^)…
EDIT: Well, remember that time I said there was no release date yet? Yeah, those were awesome times, weren’t they?
Well, turns out I was wrong. The release date is listed as November 20th, 2012. And it will be coming to the PS3, 360 and (eventually) the PC. So…yeah, there’s some news for ya.

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