MMOFPS Hits World Record of 999 Players

You’re not reading that wrong. That’s nine-hundred ninety-nine players. Just shy of one-thousand players. The game in question is Man Vs. Machine, a game developed by MuchDifferent. Looking more like an experiment than a full-on game, Man Vs. Machine places players in one of two roles: Man or Machine. There’s only one map, one weapon, what looks to be a couple of visors, and a shitload of players against each other. The 1000-player matchup splits the teams in half. 500 for the humans, and 500 for the machines. You can see how many are playing at once at any time. Once you’re spawned, madness ensues as bombs explode in the distance and lasers zip by you. It’s a beautiful thing to behold. Some of the comments the players make are pretty funny (you’ll have to change the resolution to 480p). Today’s tech ain’t quite ready for something like this as the graphics, weapon variety, and models are sparse in this game to accommodate so many people playing all at once. But just thinking about where multiplayer will eventually go might get some out there mighty giddy.

Just think, a medieval game that plays like this. Or even better, Dynasty Warriors!

What it Looks Like When 999 People Play a Video Game at Once [Kotaku]

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