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The Walking Dead First-Person Shooter Announced

A debut trailer for a first person shooter based AMC’s popular series The Walking Dead was released recently.  The Walking Dead Video Game is not to be confused with Telltale Games’s episodic action/adventure game, The Walking Dead.  Although there was no gameplay footage it set the basic premise for the game.  Developed and published by Terminal Reality and Activision respectively, the game puts you in the role of Daryl Dixon, the crossbow wielding survivalist and his Neo-Nazi brother, Merle.  The shooter is a prequel, taking place before both brothers meet up with different parts of the main group in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Miyamoto Thinking Of Making An FPS

Reading that title might give you a jolt, and rightly so. The First Person Shooter is the most popular genre this generation, and for Shigeru Miyamoto to want to make one almost goes beyond the philosophy (we think) that he’s established for himself (and probably the entire company). But you know what, this is Miyamoto. Someone can give him a crumpled piece of paper and he’d make a game out of it. All joking aside, in an interview with Kotaku, he states that he would make an FPS that would focus more on exploring the environment, the situation, and the weapon in your hand, and how enemies would react. “Having that 3D space that in theory you are in and being able to look around and explore that—particularly being able to do that in conjunction with another person—is very interesting,” he says, highlighting the exploration advantage that FPS can have (but are woefully underutilized).

Much of what he says can be seen in the Metroid Prime games, which emphasized exploration over action (though that was present, more so in Prime 3). The Elder Scrolls games also come to mind. But probably the one game that really took advantage of the environment was Mirror’s Edge, and it does almost what Metroid Prime does — albeit in a more linear fashion — when it comes to exploration. It’s virtually a platformer. Heck, one of the achievements is an homage to one of Miyamoto’s biggest creations. If Miyamoto wants to make an FPS, let the man make one. Heck, let DICE give him Mirror’s Edge!

…Yes I really want another Mirror’s Edge game.

The Creator of Mario and Zelda Wants to Make a First-Person Shooter [Kotaku]

MMOFPS Hits World Record of 999 Players

You’re not reading that wrong. That’s nine-hundred ninety-nine players. Just shy of one-thousand players. The game in question is Man Vs. Machine, a game developed by MuchDifferent. Looking more like an experiment than a full-on game, Man Vs. Machine places players in one of two roles: Man or Machine. There’s only one map, one weapon, what looks to be a couple of visors, and a shitload of players against each other. The 1000-player matchup splits the teams in half. 500 for the humans, and 500 for the machines. You can see how many are playing at once at any time. Once you’re spawned, madness ensues as bombs explode in the distance and lasers zip by you. It’s a beautiful thing to behold. Some of the comments the players make are pretty funny (you’ll have to change the resolution to 480p). Today’s tech ain’t quite ready for something like this as the graphics, weapon variety, and models are sparse in this game to accommodate so many people playing all at once. But just thinking about where multiplayer will eventually go might get some out there mighty giddy.

Just think, a medieval game that plays like this. Or even better, Dynasty Warriors!

What it Looks Like When 999 People Play a Video Game at Once [Kotaku]