Paradox Interactive: One Does Not Simply Release A Game In Japan…

…You change the cover to something more marketable. Real-Time Strategy game Pirates of Black Cove, developed by Paradox Interactive, was release back on August 2nd, 2011. Recently they’ve decided to release the game in Japan. However, they might be aware of how different Japanese geeks and otaku consume games than we do. So, instead of Japan seeing the short, stumpy pirate with a scowl on his face, they get an attractive anime girl with long black hair, a decent pair of knockers, and a rather ornate gun. Normally, we see this happening the other way around, but this is one of the few times that a cover to a Western game is changed for Japan. So far, the cover art seems to be the only change to the game. Everything else is presumed untouched (outside of maybe changing text to Japanese).

So what do you think? Is the change good or should they have left it alone?

Paradox Takes “Marketing to Japanese 101″ [Sankaku Complex]

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