A Quick Warning About Xenoblade And Your Wii

If you have a Wii and are planning to get Xenoblade, I would just like to warn you that Xenoblade is printed on a Dual-Layered Disc. If you remember, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Metroid Other M were also dual-layered discs as well (indicated by their gold-colored reading surface), and we all remember the news about people who had trouble with their Wii reading Smash Bros. Brawl. Well, it seems to be happening again with the much anticipated Xenoblade Chronicles. I looked around to see if anyone was having this problem and it seems like this issue is popping up in some places as well, including Gamespot and IGN. At first it may seem like a problem with the disc. It you get an error, check the disc and clean off any scuff that might be on it and put it back in. If the Wii still can’t read it, than it’s the Wii’s lens that is the problem.

When this happened last time with Smash Bros, Nintendo said that it was a problem with the Wii’s lens being dirty and that they would take in the Wii to be repaired (i.e. cleaned). About a year later Nintendo released a cleaning solution to the public to buy. Amazon has the kit for $30, but you can get it from ShopNintendo for $10. Youtuber Kermit1986 shows how this cleaning kit works since he had trouble getting his Wii to read Smash Bros. Brawl. Personally, what I did was I turned my (launch) Wii off and blew on the disc slot (like Kermit did) and put Xenoblade in. I got an error message. So took the game out, turned off the Wii and readied two other games: Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy 2, a Dual-Layered and Single-Layered Disc respectively. So I inserted Smash Bros. first and it loaded fine. Then I inserted Galaxy 2 and it loaded fine as well. Then the moment of truth. I inserted Xenoblade and it too loaded fine. But just to be sure I started the game up to see if it would go through all the way (since all it did last time upon loading was kick me back to the Wii Menu). But, it loaded fine and I resumed playing. I’ll update if this happens to me again.

[UPDATE] OpRainfall has caught wind of this and has posted a link to Nintendo’s support page regarding Xenoblade and Wiis not reading the game.

2 thoughts on “A Quick Warning About Xenoblade And Your Wii

  1. simon iff

    i had the same problem. did not see the point in shelling out more money for a cleaning kit. very disappointed that nintendo would release games that they knew some machines would have problems with. it was pretty much the only nintendo product i was looking forward to this year (along with the last story) and i ended up returning xenoblade for refund. i feel that i should not have to jump through so many hoops just to get a brand new game working. i let nintendo know so, and althoguh they were quick to respond, i don’t really see what they could do to help me. have been spending money on nintendo since i got my NES in 85′ and yet, gradually, over the years, i have become more dis-illusioned, and have converted more to sony as a result. i was so sad over this, because xenoblade looked so kick ass, and i (and everyone else in north america) had to wait through stupid drama just to see a top rated game get localized in north america, and yet, the Wii continued to release shovel-ware during that whole time. come on nintendo: i wanna believe man! help me keep the faith!

    1. Steven "DeadPhoenX" T. Post author

      Well, in this case I think Nintendo had no choice but to make the game Dual-Layered, considering how much space is required to have a game like this work. Their only other option might’ve been to make the game be on two discs, but it’d get pretty annoying to switch discs every time I’d want to go on, say, the Bionis’ head and Sword Valley. So it’s not really Nintendo’s fault for the choice of format.

      What IS Nintendo’s fault is how they designed the Wii. As Kermit said near the end of his video, the disc slot cover has a sort of felt material that does gather dust, and every time you put in a disc, it’ll take some of the that dust with it inside. The other is making that lens weak to such little dust (which results in those error messages). I know this is a problem with Launch Wiis. Not sure about the post-Brawl-White, Black, and Red ones.


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