More Resident Evil 6 Clues…The plot thickens

The 2012 Capcom Captivate conference held in Rome last week (April 2-4), is the largest event of its kind for Capcom. It allows the video game company to display some of their highly anticipated projects and tease others. With an embargo placed on all attendees until April 10th 11amEST, details were scarce.

Luckily for us, the team behind the marketing campaign for Resident Evil 6 has been releasing tidbits throughout the past couple months but they have amped it up in the past 2 weeks.

In the trailer released back in January,  we learn that Leon’s scenarios will most likely be taking place in the Town of Tall Oaks. On April 2nd, a mysterious EBAY listing on, by a seller called “Firefish 2012” showed a bloodied Tall Oaks University sweater. The EBAY listing is now off the site.

Now on April 9th, a mysterious Tumblr account from “Firefish2012” shows a Gold locket and letter addressed to S. Birkin regarding her Uncle’s speech at Tall Oaks University. This letter shines more light on the emails posted on

Buzz on the Internet is that her Uncle is Adam Benford, President of the United States…The same one that is zombified and then shot in the announcement trailer…The same President who was to formally announce the truth behind the events in Raccoon City. With “Cousin S’s” concern over admitting the truth regarding Raccoon City, that begs the question….Is Sherry Birkin, the same annoying 8 year old kid who pissed her pants in Resident Evil 2, now a bad ass villain?  Also, is the new mysterious character her accomplice or an innocent victim…Lastly, who is “Mother”, is Annette Birkin alive? Or is she referring to another family member? Questions all around!

Everything released so far points to clues regarding Leon’s scenarios but we still have yet to figure out how Chris plays into the game as well as who in fact is the mysterious mercenary.

Whoever is behind the marketing for Resident Evil 6 is doing a great job of generating interest as fans worldwide scramble to piece clues together to form a comprehensive theory on the plot of the upcoming Resident Evil title. With the embargo being lifted tomorrow, we will undoubtedly be flooded with game play footage and more information. We will pass along any information we come across.

Stay tuned!

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