Announcements From Nintendo Direct: Kirby 25th, Project X Zone Trailer, Animal Crossing, And More!

Okay then, the Nintendo Direct broadcast has ended. Quite a few announcements were made, most of which were for the 3DS. Hit the jump to see the news. I’m gonna break them up in segments.

First up is Nintendo’s Announcement that they’ll be celebrating Kirby’s 20th Anniversary. They’ll be adding NES classic Kirby’s Adventure to the 3D Classics library. Nintendo will also be making a special compilation disc of Kirby games for the celebration, kinda like All-Stars, but suck a lot less (unless… they just phone it the the hell in and just pack in Kirby Superstar and call it a day).

Project X Zone to have more characters joining the fray soon. In the trailer they showed (will probably show up on Youtube later), each character group had “and more” on the corner.

Culdcept makes a return on the 3DS. The game will support Download Play with one 3DS card and support Co-op. The game will also support AR Cards to use in battle.

A new firmware update will go live on April 25. You will now have the ability to make folders. and arrange all your channels the way you want to. So all your games, pics, music, and whatever you have on the home menu (I don’t have a 3DS) will be neat and organized.


A new update to Kid Icarus Uprising to add some features while fixing current ones. Also, Club Nintendo members can use points for a Kid Icarus Uprising Soundtrack CD. Not sure if this will apply for U.S. Club Nintendo members.

Animal Crossing was shown and has been confirmed for 3DS.

Finally, screenshots of New Super Mario Bros. 2 has been shown. It looks to be taking cues from Super Mario Bros. 3 as now the pre-flight speed gauge pops up at the bottom (like it did back then).

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