Night-Time Listenings Wrap-Up: Week of 7/2/12

This week on Night-Time Listening, we explored the days when the CD format was new for games and resulted in better quality music for those games. We started with the Interplay and Shiny classic Earthworm Jim. We were back with The Terminator. We roared across skies in Gate of Thunder. Went fast with Sonic CD. And finally we blew up some Mavericks with Mega Man X3.

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Earthworm Jim – Psycrow (PC/SEGA CD version)
Composed by Tommy Tallarico

I actually remember playing Earthworm Jim way back then when L.A. Video was still around. Unfortunately, this was back in the 90s and a lot of memories from rented games are fuzzy. But what I do remember… was the cartoon! I kinda had the same problem with this like I did with Mega Man, where I was first exposed to it through the cartoon, then playing the game afterwards. What you’re hearing now is the PC/Sega CD version of Psycrow’s theme. You fight him if you lose to him in the Andy Asteroids stages. So who has a better memory playing this game than I do?

The Terminator – Future Shock
Composed by Tommy Tallarico

Once again, No-Life Radio delivers on the good music. Strangely enough while I do know about Tommy Tallarico, I’m not too familiar with his work. But when I do come across it, it’s some amazing stuff (Like the Psycrow Theme up there). Here’s a composition he made called Future Shock for The Terminator on SEGA CD. Some good ol’ hard rockin’ riffs in this one. While the quality of some SEGA CD games were questionable, some devs made good use of the extra space for some kickass music like this.

Gate of Thunder – Level 1
Composed by T’s Music

You know what, let’s continue the theme of extra-horsepower CDs provided and listen to some Gate of Thunder music. Released on the Turbo-CD, this was yet another shooter on the system. However this game was pretty damn hard (for me anyway). But still it was plenty of fun. The farthest I’ve gone is Dark City. How far has anyone else gotten in this game?

Sonic CD – Stardust Speedway (Bad Future)
Composed by Spencer Nilsen and David J. Young

Sonic CD would, obvious by the name, also get the enhanced music treatment thanks to the CD format. However, the soundtrack to Sonic CD is one of much contention, with people siding with the JP/PAL version of the soundtrack and others siding with the U.S. version. I myself am split between the two versions (much like the DKC3 soundtracks). For Stardust Speedway – Bad Future, I prefer the U.S. version and always made this one play against Metal Sonic in Sonic Generations. No meaning to fan the flames here, but which version of the songs do you prefer?

Mega Man X3 – Gravity Beetle
Composed by Kinuyo Yamashita

Let’s end this week with some Mega Man X3. MMX3 was another game that had enhanced quality music for the PC and PS1 versions (I think it also came out on the Saturn). However this one might upset some fans as the hard rock-inspired compositions are changed in favor of a more synthesized arrangement, making some miss the SNES compositions. I’m part of that bandwagon. But the CD version does pump out some good songs. In particular I really like how that composed Gravity Beetle’s stage. That chorus! Man it’s awesome! Let’s ask a challenging question. While you may not like how the CD version’s music is composed, is there one song you still like from this version?

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