The Secret World Unravels More

For all you The Secret World players out there, know that the creators have a lot of content heading your way. In a recent blog post by Ragnar Tornquist, the producer and director of The Secret World has revealed that the game will be giving free new content on a regular monthly basis to it’s subscribers and the first update will be coming on Tuesday, July 31st. He also goes into a big explanation of the new content that they can’t wait to give to their players.

The game will be giving players a mission pack on a monthly basis for all existing adventure zones so that there will be more to do in each area. They are also introducing raids into the game and a tool that will ease the experience of finding a team for any adventure or newly raid. There is also going to be an introduction of 2 new adventure zones, there is no details of these zones other than the fact two new zones are heading your way. Finally one of biggest news and can be the most impactful is that they are going to make tweaks to the combat and polish it up a bit to make it more dynamic. Best part is there are so much more stuff coming, you can read more about what’s coming in Ragnar’s Blog.

So are there any fans out there or players and how excited are you guys?


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