Rocksteady Making Silver Age Batman Inspired Prequel, With A Hint Of Justice League!

They are the Gods among men

According to Variety, it is rumored Rocksteady Studios has decided instead of making a sequel to the critically acclaimed and fan praised game Batman: Arkham City, they will make a prequel game inspired by the Silver Age Batman comics. Variety then reports that it seems likely Warner Bros. are going to use the characters Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash and Wonder Woman in the new game.

The new game will be set during the time when Batman and the Joker first met. So by being inspired by the Silver Age comics Batman, it allows Rocksteady to bring in the Justice League because it was around this time Batman partnered up with other heroes and helped form the Justice League. There is no news if Kevin Conroy or Mark Hamill are going to come back to play their roles as Batman and the Joker respectively.

As a big DC fan this is incredible news and just makes me do a jitter dance all over. We all know that Warner Bros. wants to make a Justice League movie to compete with the success of The Avengers movie that released earlier this year, but Warner Bros. is taking a step further. They are hard at work making up concepts and scripts for individual movies for members of the Justice League but it seems that is not enough for Warner Bros. They are going into games, t.v shows, and of coarse comics to promote the Justice League. It seems this train is starting to pick up steam and I am jumping on this locomotion.


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