Deadpool Gets His Own Game and Seems Excited For It

Can we please see this team up in the game!

Well the people at High Moon Studios, Marvel and Activision are giving the psychopathic hired gun and semi hero a game of his own titled, by the hero, Deadpool. It is just as crazy as he is. There’s not a a lot of news coming with the reveal of this game, but you can expect it to come out for PS3, Xbox 360, and gladly the Wii U (which has been confirmed), but the game trailer has revealed more than the actual makers.

The game will have you fighting military type enemies in a 3rd person hack & slash/shooter style with some over-the-top gore. The trailer also revealed a lady that looks very similar to X-Men’s Psylocke. But what the trailer did in my eyes very well is portraying its sense of humor that was so hilarious and funny to watch. So while the gameplay doesn’t look like it has much depth in it, the comedy looks like it has top notch writing. Do you think Deadpool deserves a game? Was anybody surprised by this? Because him having a game came out nowhere for me, and from what I see the highlight for it so far seems to be its humor.


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